Charisma Lane is a nude Model, aspiring Novelist, Freelance Writer, Personal Executive Assistant, as well as the Director of Operations and Creative Director at She has worked 5 years in the sex industry, gracing the stages of Centerfolds (SF), The Gold Club (SF), and The Spearmint Rhino of Las Vegas, being paid more often for her time than for a traditional lap dance. As a Personal Executive Assistant, she is paid to manage some of Silicon Valley’s wealthiest men. She lives a polyamorous lifestyle with her husband of nine years, and has considered herself bi-sexual since her teens.

Charisma grew up on the beaches of Southern California. As a little girl, she was dressed like a doll and regularly put on stage as an entertainer: dancing, singing, making speeches, and modeling clothes. Charisma’s grandmother had been a famous vaudeville dancer, so the value of being beautiful and a performer was recognized as a sign of worth in her family. Due to her mother’s wishes, Charisma was a cheerleader from the age of 8 until 19. She was on a competitive team in High School, and was on ESPN her junior and senior years. As Charisma suffered from her painfully shy demeanor under the pressure to be entertaining, her self-confidence grew through her many experiences. However, it left her caught between the duality of two personalities: who she truly was, and who she was expected to be. By becoming more confident with the woman she was on the inside, Charisma eventually pushed her narcissist mother and the rest of her family out of her life.

Since Charisma was supporting herself throughout college –usually working two jobs – she became a greater risk-taker. She was 19 when her girlfriend told her that if she was willing to pose nude for an hour in the Art Department, she could get paid twice what she was making at her day job. Charisma signed up the very next week and was immediately hooked on the experience of taking her clothes off for money. Doing so gave her much needed experience to continue to build upon her self-image along with flaunting nudity like the latest fashion. She became accustomed to displaying her body for others’ pleasure, critique, and feedback.

At age 23, and while pregnant with her daughter, Charisma posed for her first nude photo shoot with a photographer on the Marin Headlands in San Francisco, California. The thrill of taking her clothes off while cars drove by was one of the most memorable experiences of her life. She has been modeling in some capacity for a total of 20 years now, and believes that modeling is a major contributing factor to why she has become such a strong woman. Nowadays Charisma is open to trying anything when doing photo shoots. She is generally loved by anyone she has met because she is easy to work with, original, energetic, fun, generous, reliable, and honest. She loves helping those around her, and spends most of her spare time being a support for those who have none.

At 26, Charisma was a third grade teacher by day when that same college girlfriend dared her to audition at a strip club. After teaching all day, she worked at night for three months in a fully nude club called Centerfolds where she met her husband. She also spent four years working at The Gold Club in San Francisco. Eventually she started flying out to Vegas on weekends after working a 40-hour workweek as an Executive Assistant to a CEO. She enjoyed the ability to make so much money as a single mother, and at the same time get away with leading a double life. Charisma is positive the experience gave her the wisdom and confidence to disarm any man, regardless of age, race, religion, or status.

Having graduated in 1996 with a BA in Creative Writing – emphasis in Editing and Publishing – Charisma has always wanted to write a memoir. She began writing when she was a teenager, and worked at Black Sparrow Press through her senior year of college. Through much urging from her close friends and husband, she started her blog in 2010. Her working manuscript, “Worth Every Twenty” is in the early stages of development. She hopes to have her book proposal finished by the end of 2012 and ready to submit to editors. Charisma’s sexual desire and enlightenment has also led her on a string of interviews both as interviewer, and interviewee. She has written featured articles on swinger websites: and

Drop her a note, and join her on Twitter as well as Facebook! You can view pictures of her on, Instagram. Listen to her live on several podcasts and radio shows. She lives in San Francisco, California with her husband and daughter, two cats, a dog, and snake.

Random Facts:

  • Born on November 6 – Scorpio!
  • 39, and loving it
  • 5’7” without heels
  • 125 – 135 pounds – depending on what season
  • 34 D, happily purchased, thank you
  • English, Irish, German, Russian, Czech, Native American Cherokee Indian
  • 2 older sisters, who look nothing like her
  • Parents still married, sometimes happily
  • Father has spent his entire career in law, still doing cases
  • Mother was a waitress and is now a home maker
  • Grew up in Orange County, CA
  • Raised Christian Scientist, born again Christian
  • Sent to Christian and Catholic Schools, and wore a uniform
  • Married for 8 years, to a man whom she met while stripping 13 years ago
  • Lives for wrapping packages and giving gifts
  • Afraid of heights and hates Ferris Wheels
  • Will eat cherries until she’s sick
  • Loves and demands honesty from those around her
  • Enjoys a woman sexually whenever she can
  • Kicks it to Dubstep when writing, or on her way to photo shoots
  • Favorite photo shoots are art nudes, or with another woman